• Our vision is to be the best school that empowers our students to graduate life-ready — academically and socially prepared for college and/or careers!

    To that end, our mission is simple — to develop each child to their fullest potential and prepare them for the next level of life! Our expectations are very high for every student and employee in our school.

    To meet this important vision and mission, we focus our efforts on five fundamental questions that drive the work in our schools:

    1. Do we have a clear plan for building positive, professional relationships with students, their families and one another?

    2. Do we have clear procedures for making sure we are teaching the standards that we expect all students to know and be able to do in order to graduate college and/or career ready?

    3. Do we have clear procedures for making sure our students have learned the standards?

    4. Do we have clear procedures for making sure we “fix it” when students struggle learning and meeting the standards?

    5. Do we have clear procedures for providing enrichments and “stretch” learning for students who are already meeting or exceeding the standards?

    We will maintain a sharp focus on these guiding questions in our work throughout the 2014-15 school year.