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  • CEO surprises grad with $10,000 scholarship (video)

    6/28/2017 -- CEO Eric Gordon surprised Brinden Harvey with news that he won $10,000 toward his education at Baldwin Wallace University.

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  • 10 more preschool sites get top rating

    6/28/2019 -- Preschools at Artemus Ward, H. Barbara Booker, Clara E. Westropp, Wade Park and Riverside schools all earned the maximum five stars under the state's Step Up to Quality rating system, according to notices received Monday.

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  • Robert H. Jamison welcomes international visitors

    6/23/2017 -- The visitors toured Jamison's library and classrooms as part of an ongoing study of U.S. libraries.

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  • Attendance campaign hits goal for 2nd year

    6/20/2017 -- The District’s “Get 2 School, You Can Make It!” attendance campaign sought to reduce the number of students with “off track” attendance when compared with the average of the previous three years. To meet the past year’s goal, 56.1 percent of students had to miss 10 or fewer days. The final number was 56.3 percent. The total exceeded the three-year average by 1,828 students.

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  • Rhodes School of Environmental Studies gets help from Facebook

    6/20-2017 -- The school, which is set to open July 31 with ninth-graders, will mix instruction from teachers with work on the Summit Learning Platform. Summit Public Schools, a network of charter schools in California and Washington state, developed the software with help from engineers at Facebook and support from company founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan.

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  • Enrollment in high-quality preschool up 50%

    6/14/2017 -- The network, a partnership between CMSD and private operators, seeks to give all of the city’s 3- and 4-year-olds access to high-quality preschool. As of December, 4,277 Cleveland children were enrolled in high-quality preschools, defined as those earning at least three of the possible five stars on the state’s voluntary Step Up to Quality rating system.

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