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Parents urged to take 2,000 Days Pledge


CMSD and partners want parents to take the 2,000 Days Pledge, committing to give children high-quality educational experiences from the time they are born until they begin kindergarten.

Parents pledge to “make every day count” by providing their children with “positive experiences at home and in the community,” enrolling them in high-quality preschools and elementary schools and working with their teachers.

To take the pledge, go to Parents who sign up will receive weekly email messages and text messages with tips and resources customized for their children’s ages. 

Teachers and advocates also can take the pledge. Teachers agree to work with parents by preparing their children for kindergarten and helping them choose the right elementary school. They will receive a “toolkit” for use in the classroom and pledge cards to circulate among parents.

CMSD is part of the 2,000 Days Collaborative, which includes the Centers for Families and Children, Cuyahoga County, MetroHealth System and University Hospitals, and other organizations.
The District also is part of PRE4CLE, a network of school and private sites created to increase access to high-quality preschool.