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Cleveland: Saving Mooney, The Strategy

CLEVELAND -- It's a new day at Charles Mooney School. As the kids start the day, their principal makes her rounds.

"I trust my teachers, but I need to know what's going on in their classroom," says Principal Brynn Morgan.

So with clipboard in hand, Morgan inspects teachers' classrooms to make sure they have lesson plans, posted expectations and student work on their walls.

It's all part of the effort to turn around what has been known as a failing school.

"The pressure is there, we all feel it," says Teacher Marc Pohlman.

There are lots of meetings to prepare for the Ohio Achievement Tests. It's like a science.

They gave the studnets a pre-test in December and now look at what questions were missed the most so they can reteach the material.

Mooney's Principal is also a "no-nonsense" person.

She can be tough with kids who break the rules, from running to fights on buses.

Principal Morgan also has a tender side, and worries about her 500 students after she leaves work and heads home to her own daughter.

Mooney's atmosphere is changing. Older students mediate bullying issues. They even have bully boxes in rooms -- so you can leave anonymous reports about bullying.

Students say Mooney's reputation for gangs and fights is old news.

They says they see and feel a difference in their building.

If you would like to help Mooney with resources and books, go to: