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CMSD forms sister 'school district relationship' with Shanghai schools

CLEVELAND - The head of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District has been brushing up on his Chinese.
CEO Eric Gordon is one of five American school superintendents chosen for a delegation that's going to visit schools in five Chinese cities. Gordon said it's an opportunity to foster an ongoing relationship with China and it's a learning opportunity.
"In an American school, teachers tend to teach six or seven classes a day and have about 45 minutes of planning and preparation time," Gordon said.
"Chinese teachers spend about half of their day in front of students and about half of their day studying the art of teaching, working together, watching each other's classes, giving each other feedback. So I'm very excited to see how they use that time productively to get the kind of results that they want for children."
Gordon said Cleveland schools will form a sister school district relationship with Shanghai schools. The trip is sponsored and funded by a foundation in China.

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