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Facilities poll conducted; no school closings set

A headline on today says the District is considering closing three schools, without making it clear that Triad Research is simply polling citizens on the District's behalf to gather information needed to adequately plan for the future of quality schools in every CMSD neighborhood.
Beyond the misleading headline, the story itself makes it clear that CMSD's facilities planning process is far from complete, that the District is being thoughtful about its master plan and that the polling of citizens taking place in neighborhoods now is an integral part of the process.
Citizen input is an important part of the process, and Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon has personally assured staff and citizens that the District is conducting polling on many options, including keeping schools open just as they are.
To be clear, no school closings are planned for next year and no facility decisions have been made.
Once the polling is complete, the District will return to the commmunity for a second round of community meetings to continue the discussion of a long-term facilities plan.
The District will continue to work to ensure that families have accurate and updated information on the facilities planning process.