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Closer look at data shows progress on "value added"


When it comes to the important “value added” measure, CMSD performed better last school year than the District’s latest report card shows.

The District received an F on the report card for value added, a measure of whether students in fourth through eighth grades achieved the amount of progress expected in a year. But the letter grade was an average based on three years of data.

While there remains room for improvement, CMSD would have received a C if the grade had been based solely on data from 2013-14, the first full year under The Cleveland Plan, a state-approved blueprint for reform. In fact, the 2012-13 grade also would have been a C, according to the Ohio Department of Education.

Gains in math scores helped lift the District’s 2013-14 value-added data, said Julie Snipes-Rea, the District’s interim deputy chief of organizational accountability.

This is the first year that the District has publicly shared one-year value-added data by linking to the information on the state report cards.

The Department of Education bases the report card’s value-added grade on a three-year average of scores to avoid “peaks and valleys,” spokesman John Charlton said.