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District begins to chart building projects

Now that voters have approved Issue 4, CMSD will draft a schedule for building and remodeling schools.

A project implementation plan will be drafted over the next six weeks. The District will then embark on an extensive new phase of community engagement, just as it did in the 15 months leading up to last week’s election. The community and many partners will be asked to provide feedback on aspects of the interior and exterior plans for the schools. 

Issue 4 will pay to build 20 to 22 schools and remodel 20 to 23. Details of a revised Master Facilities Plan may be found here.
Remodeling projects will start as soon as next summer. Priority will go to buildings that require more extensive exterior work.

“The first thing you have to make sure is really solid is the foundation, the walls, the windows, the roof,” Chief Operating Officer Patrick Zohn said. “They have to be functioning at a high level so the learning environment can be maintained.”

The first new construction will begin after bidding and design work is complete. The order of projects will depend on need, the availability of land and access to temporary space to house students.

The new construction will take place over five years. Zohn expects the first of three phases to include 10 schools.

Issue 4 authorizes a $200 million bond issue for construction and a half-mill levy for maintenance. The issue will not raise taxes, and the state will contribute more than $2 for every $1 spent by the District.

Issue 4 passed with more than 62 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results.