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Conference comes home to view Cleveland Plan


The Cleveland Conference, an education forum that was founded here exactly a century ago, returned to its birthplace last week after a 97-year absence.
The two-day agenda for the annual meeting was devoted to The Cleveland Plan and the sweeping reforms the state-approved plan put in place for CMSD and Cleveland charter school students.

Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon, other District leaders and community representatives gathered with participants at Cleveland State University to dissect reforms that start with developing a “portfolio” of high-quality options designed to meet students’ varying needs.

Delegates also reviewed related initiatives, including expanded autonomy for schools, more flexible union work rules, collaboration with charters and promotion of school choice through the Transformation Alliance.

Limited to 100 members, the Cleveland Conference is made up of education scholars and policymakers.

The conference started in 1914, when the then-new Cleveland Foundation commissioned a review of the city’s public schools. The study was part of a broader effort to gather data on the city.