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Lincoln-West students learn CPR (video)

Seniors at Lincoln-West High School learned an important lesson they don't usually get in the classroom: how to save lives.

CMSD nurses led a CPR training session on April 14 in Lincoln-West's auditorium. Students received hands-on step-by-step instructions with the help of the nurses and the American Red Cross.
Many of the students didn't realize how tiring CPR can be for the person performing it, but they left feeling confident.
"It happened to my niece once. She was choking on her food, and my sister got up, and [my niece] was able to spit out the food," Lincoln-West senior Ghaida Hmeidan said. "Now I know, if it happened and her mom wasn't there, I could step in and help out."
After three hours of lessons with lifelike mannequins and practice with automated external defibrillators (AED), the students were officially certified. 
District nurses are pushing to train fellow employees, students and the community in CPR. About 1,000 staff, community partners and Cleveland Catholic Diocese employees have completed the training.