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    11005 Parkhurst Drive
    Cleveland, OH 44111
    7:35am am - 2:05 pm
    Network Leader:
    Andrew Koonce
    Assistant Principal
    Kathryn Baltas
    Dean of Engagement
    Renae Moore
    Say Yes Family Support Specialist
    Jamila Campbell


    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Welcome to Wilbur Wright

  • As we return from Spring Break on Monday March 28th, 4th Quarter will begin!  We have 47 school days left of this school year, let's make them count! Ohio State Testing begins March 28th in the areas of English (Grades 3-8), Math (Gradse 3- 8) and Science (Grades 5 & 8).
    Attendance is important!  Communication is important!  If for any reason, your child is going to be out of school, please call the main office and report the absence.
    Wilbur Wright is a PreK-8 school with a curriculum that focuses on literacy and family involvement in children's education. Students succeed through independent and guided lessons in the classroom, where our teachers cultivate a safe and respectful learning environment.
    At Wilbur Wright:
    • Parents are engaged in children's education, with an increased parent-teacher conference attendance rate in the past two years.
    • We host four exemplary low incidence classrooms and two classrooms for preschoolers with disabilities (ages 3-5), in addition to one regular education preschool classroom.
    • Extra curricular activities including basketball, track, cheerleading, and drama club are offered.
    • The PATHS model is used to enhance students' social and emotional learning.

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