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Welcome to the Garrett Morgan School of Leadership & Innovation

  • Garrett Morgan School of Leadership & Innovation


    To prepare a community of life-long learners for the 21st century global marketplace who will use public policy to create a more just, free, and equal world.


    Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow

    Education Focus

    Garrett Morgan School of Leadership & Innovation will prepare the next wave of engaged citizens and civic leaders by using their communities as a classroom. 

    Garrett Morgan School Leadership & Innovation students will study public policy, urban design, and citizen engagement. Our goal is to prepare students to take an active role in addressing important social issues in their communities, while also conceptualizing the communities they desire to be part of. 

    Using an arts-based inquiry instructional approach; our curriculum is developed in a way to introduce students to a variety of academic subjects and materials with arts enhancement as well as pique student curiosity. Additionally, the curriculum will emphasize the development of social responsibility, communication, strong intellectual, and practical skills. 

    Housed on a new site, right off the lake, Garrett Morgan School of Leadership & Innovation is located in an arts-rich community. GMSLI will have a Facing History approach with a study on social justice and equity. GMSLI is for the student who appreciates the arts, enjoys thinking critically, and communicates well.   

    Students will graduate enriched and prepared for 21st century and community exposure with each senior participating in an internship. 

    Garrett Morgan Leadership & Innovation has 5 values in which our school stands on: Pride, Integrity, Responsibility, Leadership and Collaboration. These values are driven by a commitment to see our students become life-long learners, engaged citizens, and civic leaders. These values guide the way we interact with our students, parents, and community stakeholders. 



    We take pride in our achievement, our school, and ourselves


    We always do the right thing


    We take responsibility for our actions, our school community and our community at large


    We strive to be difference makers and upstanders


     We are stronger in community than alone


School Leadership

  • Mr. Anshawn M. Ivery, Principal

    Mrs. Carolyn Khouri, Assistant Principal

    Mr. Christopher Kane, Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Robin Chandler, Campus Coordinator

    Ms. Jocelyn Boyd, Family Support Specialist

    Mrs. Erin Frew, Network Support Leader 


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