• Global Studies Career Opportunities


    A high school diploma with a focus on diversity, world cultures, foreign language and experiential learning creates a well-rounded, global citizen ready to compete in a society and economy that continues to expand beyond international borders.  Specifically, skills acquired while a student at Lincoln West School of Global Studies correspond to careers in:

    • Business - Shipping/Receiving, International Trading, International Sales, Human Resources, Cultural Specialists, Conflict Resolution

    • Government - Local/State/Federal public servants, FBI/CIA and other national security and intelligence agencies, Elected Office

    • Media - journalists in print, digital, and recorded industries

    • Translation Services - Legal industry, Business sector

    • Education - High school teaching and administration, College recruiter, admissions, Research

    • Non-Profit/Volunteerism - Human Rights International, IRCO, United Nations, Save the Children, Peace Corps

    • Law- Human Rights Activist, Lobbyist, Attorney, Public Policy

    • Communications and Public Relations - Marketing, Advertising