• The District-wide standards of dress acceptable for students are as follows:
    • No hooded jackets
    • Shirts tucked in
    • Females: blouses with collars, polos with collars, oxford tops with collars, turtlenecks
    • Males: dress shirts with collars, polos with collars, oxford button-down shirts with collars, turtlenecks
    • No striped tops
    • No insignia or logos
    • Colors: solid blue, solid white
    • No jeans or sweats
    • Females: skirts, jumpers, slacks, knee-length shorts, capri pants, ALL KNEE LENGTH
    • Males: pants, knee length shorts
    • Solid colored navy, khaki, black
    • Material: Uniform, corduroy, dress pants
    • Cardigans, pullover, vests
    • Colors: black, white, navy
    • Belts required for bottoms with belt loops
    • Colors: solid black, navy, brown
    • No insignia or logos
    NO HEADGEAR such as hats, scarves, rags, wraps
    Students may wear shirts with R.G.Jones logos as their uniform top with uniform bottoms.