• Design Lab Rules and Regulations For Reference


    Food in the morning:

    Students who enter school early with breakfast (7:30-7:45) from somewhere outside the school will always be allowed to bring it into school. But students who arrive after 7:55 AM with food from outside will never be allowed to bring that food to first period with them. We would never throw away any students' food, so we will hold whatever food a student brings until that students' lunchtime, when they can have it back.

    No one can bring any food to any classroom.


    Food Delivery at Lunch Time:

    Parents may bring their child food for lunch at the start of either lunch period. Parents may not bring food to students to be eaten in class at any time of the day. Any food that arrives via parent can only be eaten during designated breakfast or lunch times, regardless of the arrival time. We will never throw any food that is brought in away, but we will hold it until lunch time.

    No food can be delivered to students at school via uber eats or someone not on an emergency contact form delivering food during school hours



    -Students are expected to wear any solid colored shirt with a collar.

    -Students are expected to wear dark color pants: blue, black, brown, khaki

    -Jeans cannot be worn.

    -Students can wear any solid colored sweater or sweatshirt.

    -Students can wear hoodies in school, but not the hood.

    -Skirts are expected to go to the knee for anyone wearing them

    -No clothing with any foul language will be accepted

    Students get three days of being out of uniform without consequence beyond a conversation and reminder of the policy. We keep track of the number of times each student is out of uniform. On the fourth time, and any time after the fourth, any student out of uniform must spend the day in our Planning Center instead of in class. We do have extra uniform clothing on hand for students to wear in times of need. And we have uniform polo's for students. We give everyone one uniform polo for free, and then students can buy other polos for $5.00 each. We will also give Design Lab t-shirts when students meet specific milestones, and any of our t-shirts can be worn as uniform.

    If you have a particular issue with having uniform for your child, please let us know so we can help.

    We also have a themed dress down day every Monday. The theme is always posted on our Instagram account, and we have a paid dress down day on Fridays.


    This post will be updated regularly with new information.