• Design Lab Early College High School Staff
    School Year 2022-23

    Administrative Staff

    Administrative Staff
    Title Name Staff Page
    Principal Wanda Grondin  
    Transformation Coordinator Shannon Powell My Page
    Guidance Counselor Kenneth Rice  
    Say Yes Family Support Specialist Meloney Grant  
    CollegeNow Advisor Eve Whitehorn  
    Administrative Assistant Dionna Balfour

    Instructional Staff

    Instructional Staff
    Subject Teacher
    English III, English IV, Senior Seminar Katherine Ferchalk
    Algebra II, Transition to College Math Diauntae Morrow
    American History, American Government Julie Parker
    Art Amanda Lehtola 
    Introduction to Engineering, Engineering II Garvin Yeung
    Biology Janice Braun
    Spanish I, Spanish II Ken Beavers
    Health, Life Sports Valeria Flewelon
    Intervention Specialist Rosemary White
    Planning Center Para-Professional Desiree Larkin