• PCs for People

    This is a resource for families in need of computers/technology support.

    Canopy, Powered by DigitalC

    CMSD has partnered with DigitalC to provide CMSD families with Canopy internet - unmatched value and premium connectivity at no cost to CMSD families.

    A Guide to Parent's Rights in Special Education

    This guide can help you understand your rights and your child’s rights according to IDEA and the Ohio Operating Standards. It also gives you information and resources to help you understand your child’s special education supports and services. 

    Early Literacy Tips

    You have been your child's teacher from the day he or she was born. It's never too early or too late to help your child develop language and other early literacy skills.

    Getting Involved with Your Child's Education

    Learn about what children are expected to know and be able to do, how they are tested, and how to assist them at home.

    Newcomer Parent Kit

    This tool kit can help U.S. educators and others who work directly with immigrant students—including asylees and refugees—and their families.

    Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI)

    An organization committed to providing quality programs and services for individuals with disabilities and the families and professionals in their lives.

    OCALI Third Thursday Learning Series

    Introducing Third Thursday, a new monthly 1-hour webstream series designed for families of individuals with disabilities. Each month, you’ll learn from experts in the field as they address hot topics and key concerns - and provide research-based and test.

    Ohio Academic Content Standards - Extended

    Ohio Coalition for the Education of Students with Disabilities

    A statewide nonprofit organization that serves families of infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities in Ohio, and agencies who provide services to them.

    Ohio Required and Optional Forms for Students with Disabilities

    The forms found here may be helpful for parents and families of students with disabilities.

    Partnering With Families to Build Literacy Skills

    The Parents' Guides to Student Success were developed by teachers, parents and education experts in response to the Common Core State Standards that more than 45 states have adopted.

    School District Report Card Resources

    Ohio School Report Cards give your community a clear picture of the progress of your district and schools in raising achievement and preparing students for the future.

    Secondary Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities

    Comprehensive transition planning and provision of transition services beginning not later than the first IEP to be in effect when the child is fourteen years of age.