• John Marshall School of Engineering is a specialty high school with a unique focus on engineering principles and the engineering design process.  The school is designed to introduce students to the key design concepts and applications in preparation for advanced study in the college setting.  Students are exposed to scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge that is utilized to invent, innovate, and design products to assist in the technological advancement of society. 

    Students will have a blended approach to Engineering.  Students will be exposed to engineering concepts and applications in their core and elective classes such as Biology, Art, and Mathematics during their first two years of school. Students will also take Introduction to Engineering to expose them to the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the engineering curriculum.  As students matriculate through the program they will have the opportunity to take more specialized engineering courses with a direct focus on applying their knowledge gained in their first two years in the program.   Ultimately students should complete the engineering program with a sound understanding of engineering, the design process, and how to evaluate technology in a logical and methodical manner.