• The Rhodes School of Environmental Studies reflects the unique aspects of the Old Brooklyn community: strong support of local business and attractions like the Cleveland Zoo. These characteristics will be woven into our three primary curricular focuses: life sciences, social sciences and business. Our graduates will be prepared for post-secondary success through demanding, mastery-based coursework and fieldwork experiences within the Cleveland community.

    The Rhodes School of Environmental Studies has four core values that inspire everything that we do. We want students to develop:
    • Develop a strong personal agency
    • Demonstrating respect and compassion for others
    • Awareness of their own strengths and passions
    • Promoting environmental stewardship
    • Promoting positive community change
    • Community-minded leadership with a global perspective
    • Engage in expeditionary learning
    • Project based learning infused throughout all coursework and capstone projects
    • Equipped with a personalized set of skills in order to find success after graduation
    • Students can seek alternative solutions to problems
    • Learn multiple research methods and problem solving skills
    The Rhodes School of Environmental Studies is a 1-to-1 school, so all students will have access to a computer. We will offer a Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway in Business, which will allow students to earn industry credentials. As juniors and seniors, flexible scheduling will allow students to do an internship and/or take courses at the community college.
    Our four year course sequence includes access to Advanced Placement classes and will fulfill the requirements for all Ohio High School graduation pathways. Graduates will be prepared to attend college and pursue careers in the finance and life science/engineering industries.