• Dress Code Policy

    Student Dress Code Policy (Effective 1/7/2020):

    • From the board approved student code of conduct with Garfield specifics in red
    1. SCHOOL UNIFORM MINIMUM STANDARDS The District Wide minimum standards of dress acceptable for students in the District are as follows: 
    • TOPS 
      • 1. No hooded jackets 
      • 2. All shirts should be tucked in 
      • 3. Females – blouses with collars, polos with collars, oxford tops with collars, turtlenecks 
      • 4. Males – dress shirts with collars, polo shirts with collars, oxford button-down shirts with collars, turtlenecks 
      • 5. No striped tops or clothing for females or males 
      • 6. No insignia or logos 
      • 7. Colors: a. Solid blue b. Solid white c. Other approved solid colors (as selected by the school): Garfield school colors are permissible in addition to the Blue & White above; including Red
      • 8. Garfield hoodies, Garfield  jackets, Garfield  sweatshirts and Garfield T-shirts are permissible
    • BOTTOMS 
      • 1. No jeans or sweat suits for either males or females 
      • 2. Females – skirts, jumpers, slacks, knee-length shorts, capris – all items knee length or longer 
      • 3. Males – pants, knee length shorts 
      • 4. Colors a. Dark blue/navy, black or khaki/tan b. All solid colors 
      • 5. Material – uniform, corduroy or dress pants 
      • 1. Female/male – cardigans, pullovers or vests 
      • 2. Colors – black, navy or white: Garfield school colors are permissible in addition to the Blue & White above; including Red
      • 3. Garfield sweaters are permissible
    • HEADGEAR – no headgear for either males or females, including, but not limited to, scarves, hats, rags or wraps 
    • BELTS 
      • 1. Female/male – belts required for all slacks, skirts, shorts, skorts with belt loops 
      • 2. Colors 
        • a. Black, navy, light or dark brown 
        • b. No other colors, insignias or logos on belts Schools may approve additional styles for the uniform top if the change is school-related and consistent with the adopted District uniform policy. 
    • All teachers should check dress code during first period and follow the progression of consequences as outlined below 

    Consequences For Not Adhering to Dress Code:

    • Step 1: Provide the student a warning and a reminder to wear dress code
    • Step 2: Call home to provide an explanation of the dress code to the parent/guardian and inform that student must be in dress code the next school day
    • Step 3: Send student to the office to call home with an administrator
    • Step 4: Complete a referral indicating that steps 1-3 were completed and send student to the office with referral. The administrator will review and provide support to family or a potential consequence

    Schools may also approve days or events when school uniforms will not be required. Students may wear the uniforms of nationally recognized youth organizations on days specified by the organization (e.g., Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts). The District and local schools must inform parents of the availability of financial assistance if they cannot afford to purchase school uniforms at competitive prices. Violation of the school uniform policy shall not affect a student’s academic or conduct grade.

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