Logging in to Schoology

  • How do I log into Schoology as a student? 

    1) Open a web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, and enter this URL:   https://clever.com/cmsd

                 Tip: If you prefer, you can also access Clever by going to Mound’s website and clicking anywhere you see this button:

                 Log in with Clever

    2) On the login page, choose the option to “Log in with Active Directory”

                 Log in with Active Directory

    3) Enter your student email address and password to log in to Clever (passwords are case sensitive)

                Tip: Student emails usually follow this format: FirstName.LastName@cmsdk12.org / Contact Mound during school hours if you need assistance

                Tip: To make future logins easier, choose YES if asked to save your login information

    4) From the Clever Welcome Page, scroll down to the section called Instant Login Applications 

    5) Click this Schoology icon to enter the application:   Schoology Logo

                Tip: Click the red heart on the icon to make Schoology a favorite that will appear at the top of your Clever Welcome Page in the future

    6) Click COURSES and you will see tiles for each of your classes. Choose your homeroom class to get started. You did it; you are in!


    If you have trouble getting into Schoology at first; don’t worry! We will be practicing every day.

    Have a successful school year!


    Schoology Login for Parents/Caregivers: