• Communicating with Coaches


    Parent Coach Relationship
    Both parenting and coaching can be quite trying at times. By understanding and respecting the position of both parents and coaches, children are better served through their experience in athletics. Clear communication between parents and coaches can help both understand positive experiences that can be gained from participation in athletics.
    • Make sure your child understands that win or lose, you love him or her
    • Be realistic about your child's athletic ability
    • Help your child set realistic goals
    • Emphasize "improved" performance, not winning
    • Don't relive your own athletic past through your child
    • Control your emotions at games and events
    • Be a "cheerleader" for your child and other children on the team
    • Respect your child's coaches by communicating with them in a positive way
    • Encourage others to do the same
    • Be a positive role model
    • Be sensible, responsible and keep your priorities in order. There is a lot more at stake than a win or loss.

    Sportsmanship begins with respect for yourself and others.

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