• New Tech West opened in August of 2010.  Our Project-Based Learning approach engages students with dynamic, rigorous curriculum.  Students work in collaborative groups to build strong communication and critical thinking skills. Courses are frequently integrated (English and Social Studies Courses) and team taught to provide students with deeper learning opportunities. Junior and Senior students participate in Post-Secondary coursework and are encouraged to apply for internships in the community to explore career options.

    NTW Mission Statement

    The mission of the New Tech West community is to foster the total development of each scholar’s academic and social-emotional growth through the power of collaboration.

    NTW Vision Statement

    The scholars of New Tech West High School are committed to the progressive nature of education. Collaboratively, we dedicate our knowledge to ensure that the scholars of today are equipped to become productive and successful citizens in a global society.

    Learn more about our program at New Tech Network.