Dress Code Policy

  • The Cleveland Metropolitan School District has implemented new educationally appropriate dress and appearance expectations. The responsibility for the dress and appearance of a student rests primarily with the student and their parents or guardians. In the interest of maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment, the district believes in the following basic principles:

     • All students are encouraged to dress in a manner that is appropriate, comfortable and conducive to an active academic school day.

     • Students should be able to wear clothing without fear of or actual unnecessary discipline or body shaming.

     • The student dress code should serve to support all students to develop a body-positive self image.


    The District standard dress and appearance policy is gender neutral and applies to all students equally regardless of gender on school campuses and at school-sponsored functions and will be enforced consistently and fairly by all members of the school staff.


     Examples of inappropriate clothing include:

    • clothing where the buttocks or torso is exposed, i.e., tube tops, half shirts, halters

    • clothing that is see-through. (clothing must be opaque)

    • clothing or accessories that show profanity, obscene words or pictures, sexually suggestive statements, violence, or incitement to violence

    • clothing representing gang-related activities

    • clothing where the entire thigh is exposed, such as micro minis or short shorts.

    • bathing suits or cut-offs 

    • the wearing and carrying of tobacco promotional items, or items promoting controlled substances (drugs) and/or alcohol 

    • clothing where undergarments are exposed

    • clothing that has text or visual images that is libelous, bullying, constitutes harassment or discrimination

    • footwear must be worn at school and all functions 

    • no backless or open toe footwear 

    • hoodies can be worn in school but students can not wear the hood on their heads in school.

    No headgear including, but not limited to, scarves, hats, rags, or wraps.