• Joseph Gallagher is a school that showcases the diversity of the neighborhood. Since the mid 1970, Joseph M. Gallagher has been a community pillar for academics by hosting families from across the world and meeting the challenges that face the education community.


    We have changed as a community but our commitment to excellence and leadership in academics is even stronger. We continue to build upon our diversity and pursue our Academic Goals.


    Countries and languages represented, past and currently, at Joseph M. Gallagher School

    Countries and Spoken Languages in our school
    Country Language Spoken
    Albania Albanian
    Bosnia Bosnian
    Burma Burmese
    Burundi Kirundi
    Columbia Spanish
    Congo Swahili/French
    Croatia Croatian
    Dominican Republic Spanish
    Egypt Egyptian
    El Salvador Spanish
    Ghana English
    Guatemala Spanish
    Guinea Loma
    Guinea Republic Loma
    Honduras Spanish
    India Hindi
    Kenya Swahili
    Liberia Krahn
    Mexico Spanish
    Nepal Napali/Hindi
    Nigeria Swahili
    Poland Polish
    Peru Spanish
    Puerto Rico Spanish
    Somalia MayMay
    Tanzania Swahili
    Thailand Thai/Burmese
    Ukraine Ukranian
    Yemen Arabic