• Dress Code

    Middle School  
    Valley View Boys Leadership Academy has a distinct uniform which correspond to our strategic mission and vision. As we further our young men's academic prowess, we also recognize the need to enhance their social and emotional competencies as well. Our uniform reduces the affects of bullying, enhances school pride, and sets the foundation of dressing for excellence.  
    Uniform Shirts:
    Young men will wear white button down oxford shirts, with the school embroidered logo. Each young man will also wear their school issued "blue and gold" bowtie. Students will have both a short and long sleeved shirt.
    Uniform Pants:
    Young men will wear khaki or navy pants or shorts.
    Additional Items: 
    Young men may wear black sneakers or black causal shoes (students may bring additional sneakers for Physical Education). Each young man should also have a black belt and solid white or black socks should also be worn.