• School Policies


    Attendance is the single greatest factor in the successful education of you child. Please send your children on time all the time. if they are sick or otherwise unable to attend, please notify the office by calling 216.838.5250. Also follow up when your child returns with a written excuse. 
    Thank you for your help in this matter.
    We want all of our scholars to sign the pledge to get to school EVERY DAY!

    Arrival Procedures

    Students should report to school at 8:50 for breakfast. If they are not eating breakfast at school, they can report at 9:10 for instruction. All students will line up at the front door. All Kindergarteners will report immediately to the music room. All students and all visitors must walk through the metal detectors. Please help your child to be safe and prompt. Students must report to the office when arriving tardy to receive a tardy pass. Students will be marked TARDY starting at 9:30. 

    Dismissal Procedures

    There is a staggered dismissal for all students. 
    Pre-K and Kindergarten: Dismissed at 3:35
    1st-5th Grade: Dismissed at 3:35 
    6th - 8th Grade: Dismissed at 3:40
    Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten will dismiss from their classrooms. Students in 1st-8th will dismiss from the side doors near the buses. 

    Early Pick-ups

    Early pick-up is discouraged because they interfere with instruction for all students. If there is a scheduled appointment that your child has, let the school know by sending a note to school. There will be no pick-ups between 3:00 and 3:30!


    All students are expected to be in full uniform every day. Miles has partnered with a new vendor to produce Miles School Clothing. Long and short sleeved t-shirts will be available as well as other popular items. Please contact the office for information.
    • Tops-White, navy blue, light blue
    • Bottoms- black, navy blue, khaki
    More details can be found on the district website