• AVID Advisory 

    Digital Arts' advisory program divides students into groups of ten to twenty-five. Each advisory meets daily with a faculty advisor. During this 40-minute period, students receive instruction utilizing a rigorous college preparatory curriculm provided by AVID Center, study halls, motivational activities and academic success skills. In AVID advisory, students participate in activities that incorporate stratgies focused on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading to support their academic growth. It is vital that students perform as a community of respectful learnersin advisory and have the opportunity to engage in projects and social-emotional learning. 

    The Counselor helps students handle the academic and social challenges that can affect their learning. Through individual and group counseling, our counselor supports student achievement through direct work with students and consultation with parents and teachers. The counselor takes and makes referrals when necessary. The Counselor is available to answer student questions and concerns and assists with transcripts, graduation requirements, course planning, and the transition into Digital Arts. Students are encouraged to speak with the counselor regarding any situation at home or at school that may be affecting their lives at Digital Arts, including such issues as depression, academic stress, sexuality/gender identity, eating disorders, and family problems.
    Intervention Specialists

     Students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPS) and those who qualify as English Language Learners are provided services. Our Intervention Specialists oversee formal and informal student assessments and the development and implementation of IEPS. Intervention specialists also work closely with a team of parents/guardians, other teachers, and the student to develop and monitor each student’s learning plan. 

    Planning Center

     The Planning Center is a proactive setting designed to help students problem solve, develop appropriate school and classroom behaviors, and reduce the need for school removal. The Planning Center Instructional Aide (PCIA) assumes the role of a supportive resource to help students improve their conduct; to develop their self-esteem; to encourage them to achieve and behave positively; and to experience a respectful environment with firm behavioral expectations.
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