• Health IT:

    Health IT is one of the fastest growing job markets within the world of technology and computer science.  Doctors and nurses need innovative and efficient technology to help their patients.  Working in Health IT will allow you to help people all over the world.  Health IT professionals work at the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital.  Health IT Programmers and Data Scientists work with IBM Watson Health, Hyland OnBase, Explorys, and CoverMyMeds.  These programmers save lives.  Hospitals would not be able to help their patients without the programs and network systems created by Health IT professionals.

    Software Development:

    Software developers are the creative minds behind computer programs. You can develop the applications that people use all over the world.  Maybe you will create the next app that helps your community solve a problem.  Professionals in this industry work in teams to solve problems every day. Software developers live in a space where creativity is valued and new ideas are welcomed.  As a Software Developer, you will be creating the technology that runs our world. 

    Cyber Security & Networking:

    In a wired world, networks and connected systems are constantly threatened by those who would do harm.  If you work in Cyber Security you can lead the way in defeating those efforts and keeping our cyberscape secure and effective.  Cybersecurity professionals must have the ability to rapidly respond to threats as soon as they are detected.  Professionals must also possess a range of technical abilities and perform these activities in different locations and environments.