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  • Dear staff, students, and families,


    Greetings!  We all welcome you to school year 2019-2020.  We have successfully completed the third year of School of Global Studies, with rigorous academic and meaningful social-emotional learning experiences to prepare students for colleges and careers. One of the many accomplishments of our school was the launching of the Career Connections course that includes a Field Experience component for 11th grade students.


    In addition, we adopted the school-wide instructional focus The Year of Engaged Literacy, and will continue to do so, to develop a community of strong, engaged learners prepared and ready to succeed in college, careers, and beyond.  Through effective and dynamic instructional reading and writing strategies, our students will be motivated and inspired to think deeply to develop and act upon solutions to problems of global significance.


    We continue to live our mission and vision to prepare our students to become globally competent citizens who can strongly identify, examine and take meaningful action on the most difficult local and international problems of our day. To achieve these goals and prepare students for careers in the global economy, our students experience rigorous preparation through mastery learning and impactful curricular-based service.


    Beginning this school year, the Class of 2020 will be the first cohort of seniors to participate in the Exhibition of Learning (EOL) Capstone for Graduation,  is a personalized, empowering experience designed to highlight students’ unique interest and talents and to demonstrate readiness for college, career, and life beyond high school. This experience will put students at the center of the graduation process, given the opportunity to thoughtfully prepare and argue that the knowledge and skills they have learned at School of Global Studies have prepared them for their future.


    Lastly, What does being a SAY YES School mean for families? In addition to tuition-free college education for high school graduates, parents and caregivers will have increased access to resources and supports that can be barriers to a child’s success and to a parent’s ability to ensure the success of their child. We will continue to share information on the exciting news of our selection as a SAY YES school!


    It is going to be another great year at School of Global Studies. We are excited to learn and teach with your child. First day of school is July 29 for all 9th graders; and July 30 for all 10th, 11th 12th  graders.   Looking forward to seeing you all at our Back-to-School Family BBQ on July 26, 5-7pm, at the Student Parking Lot.



    Dr. Irene G. Javier


    Our students participate in curricular-based learning and service expeditions that includes local, out of state, and out of country travel.

    Our students receive personalized instruction utilizing smart technology to promote international understanding and diversity of thought, ensuring students are prepared for careers in a global economy.
    Our students are supported through partnerships with domestic and international organizations and schools around the world, as well as internship, job, and travel opportunities.

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    LW Global Studies  

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