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Great Lakes Science Center
601 Erieside Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114
Grade 9

GE Lighting @ Nela Park
1975 Noble Road, Bldg 336
East Cleveland, OH 44112
Grade 10

CSU Rhodes Tower West
2124 Chester Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114
Grades 11 – 12

Imagine a school that is revolutionizing education, a place where you’ll begin your high school career inside a hands-on science museum, move to the campus of a Fortune 500 company for your sophomore year and spend your final two years on a downtown college campus. 

All of that is reality at MC2STEM, where you’ll be immersed in science, technology, engineering and math in dynamic learning environments.
MC2STEM looks like this:

• Freshman year, you’ll be at the Great Lakes Science Center in downtown Cleveland, where you’ll study in a building that looks out to the North Coast Harbor, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and Lake Erie, and also looks in to the dynamic and informative museum. 

• Sophomore year, you’ll move to GE Lighting @ Nela Park in East Cleveland, where you’ll work alongside knowledgeable professionals who will mentor and tutor you on their job site and in the classroom. 

• Juniors and seniors learn at the KeyBank Classrooms in STEM Education 
at Rhodes Tower on the downtown campus of Cleveland State University. You can work alongside college students with high-tech equipment, including lasers and robotics.