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John Marshall School of Information Technology

3952 West 140th Street
Cleveland, OH 44111
Grades 9 – 12

John Marshall School of Information Technology is one of the only high schools in Northeast Ohio that focuses on computer science. Your student experiences will include building robots, creating video games, designing websites and producing models on 3D printers.

JMIT students have access to the growing IT workforce pipeline through a college-prep curriculum and a choice of pathways: software development, health IT or cyber security and networking. Students in each pathway are partnered with a local university and an IT professional who provides mentoring and other opportunities to explore career paths.

John Marshall School of Information Technology offers:

• AP courses and College Credit Plus.
• Facing History and Ourselves curriculum in humanities courses.
• Algebra 1 with video game design. 
• Geometry with 3D printing.
• Bioinformatics.
• NASA Club—NASA mentors teach computer programming. 
• Web Corps—Students work in teams to build an interactive website for mock businesses.
• Progressive Arts Alliance—Professional artists work with students on beautification projects while teaching how to solder and build circuits.