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John Marshall School of Civic & Business Leadership

3952 West 140th Street Cleveland, OH 44111
Grades 9 – 12

At John Marshall School of Civic & Business Leadership, we graduate scholars who are ready to be the leaders of tomorrow. Scholars receive a rigorous education and opportunities to work in one of our onsite businesses, become actively involved in community projects and receive hands-on training in business planning, marketing and advertising and finance.

You will be challenged through a curriculum that prepares you for college or a career. Core classes feature career components such as management, finance, marketing, human resources and organizational structure.

The John Marshall School of Civic & Business Leadership helps you become a 21st Century leader by stressing seven touchstones:
• Kindness—treating ourselves, and others, with compassion 
• Stewardship—recognizing that we are guardians of our community and must protect those things placed in our trust 
• Responsibility—holding ourselves accountable, striving to meet our obligations and asking for help when necessary 
• Integrity—seeking to do the right thing 
• Inquiry—actively questioning the world around us instead of 
passively accepting things as they are 
• Reflection—taking time to explore our own thoughts, make our own connections and create our own ideas
• Social Impact—inspiring a new generation of leaders to promote equitable and sustainable development in Greater Cleveland