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Joshua Phelps - Cleveland School of Science and Medicine

Joshua Notable: Awarded the Joan C. Edwards Scholarship, fully covering the cost of undergraduate study and medical school at Case Western Reserve University. Was acknowledged in a paper published in Journal of Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology for work with stem cell macrophage.

High school resume: President, Health Profession Pipeline Program. Student researcher, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute.

Challenges faced: Found that studying is a skill that can be facilitated but not taught. As a first-generation college student, didn’t really understand the process of applying for college.

Future plans: Attend Case Western Reserve University for undergraduate study and medical school. Practice as a cardiothoracic surgeon or cardiologist.

Who besides Joshua gets credit for his success?: God, for changing his life.

Quote: “Ultimately, I plan on raising a family, because it’s the most important thing you could possibly do, to raise someone who can become more impactful than you could ever be.”