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Jhonatan Ewunetie - Cleveland School of Science and Medicine

Jhonatan Notable: Born in Ethiopia and came to Cleveland at the age of 9. Will attend Stanford on a full scholarship. Chose Stanford over Harvard, Yale and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

High school resume: Graduated summa cum laude. Member, National Honors Society. Earned perfect scores in National Latin Exams I and II. Attended pre-college programs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Baldwin-Wallace University. Played varsity soccer.

Future plans: Major in bioengineering at Stanford. May go to medical school. Is thinking about going into pediatrics or oncology and perhaps becoming a surgeon.

Challenges faced: Figuring out how to improve himself as a student and as a person. Learning how to handle honors and AP classes. Improving his networking and communication skills.

Who besides Jhonatan gets the credit for his success? His parents, for boosting his confidence and motivating him to do his best.

Quote: (On why he wanted to attend college in California and get out of his comfort zone.) “Without going out of your way and experiencing new things, you really don’t figure out who you are.”