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Rochell Bradley - John Marshall School of Information Technology

Rochell Notable: Was raised by an older sister after her mother died of cancer. Her mother’s death inspired her to want to help others.

High school resume: Member of National Honor Society. Participated in Student Council and CEO’s Student Advisory Committee. Senate all-star in basketball, volleyball and softball.  2017 Senate Volleyball MVP

Plans for the future: Attend Ohio State University and major in pharmaceutical sciences.

Challenges faced: Learning how to pace herself in Advanced Placement classes, managing time for work, school and school activities and adjusting to failure.

Who besides Rochell deserves the most credit for her success? Teachers, school administrators and her older sister and guardian, Camelia Bradley, for supporting “everything I did and every idea that I had.”

Quote“A lot of people pushed me. I pushed myself to do this. I had this determination in me that I wanted to go to college and actually graduate college.”