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Jaylisa Santana, Lincoln-West School of Science and Health

Notable: Spent two years in JROTC. Says it instilled discipline and a drive to work hard. Monica Lawson, college and career success manager at the Lincoln-West School of Science and Health, said Jaylisa sharpened her focus because a brother enlisted in the Army and she had to set an example for younger siblings.

High school resume:

  • Finished fourth in her class
  • Active in student government, serving as secretary
  • Student ambassador

Plans for the future: Attend Ashland University and study forensic biology and chemistry. Wants to be a forensic scientist.

Challenges faced: Resisting the urge to give up senior year, when “everything got harder.”

Who deserves the most credit for her success? Her mother, for pushing her to keep going, even when she wanted to drop out of school.

Quote: (On setting goals for herself)“I just wanted to better myself as I’m leaving high school and about to send myself into a new environment.”