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Ndwuimana Anociatte, School of One

Notable: Her parents fled Burundi. The family came to the United States, via Tanzania, as refugees.

High school resume: 

  • Finished in top third of graduating class
  • Honor Roll in senior year
  • 5 GPA senior year


Plans for the future: Obtain state certification in precision machine technology at Cuyahoga Community College. Get a full-time job to help support her family and possibly return to college.

Challenges faced: Juggling responsibilities at home and school because she was taking care of younger siblings.

Who deserves the most credit for her success? Her family and teachers.

Quote: (On going through a period where she got involved with others who were bad influences and developed an attitude problem.) “I started to think, ‘This is not how my mom raised me.’ After that, I became different.”