Back to School

Posted by Shannon Kantner on 8/16/2018

William Rainey Harper red carpet

The sun was shining, buses were humming, and that first day of school excitement filled the air across the District. It’s a morning I look forward to every year. As a child, I always loved the first day of school (even if there were a few tears shed), and I love it just as much now, since I have the privilege of visiting several schools and experiencing the unique ways our students are welcomed back after the summer. Most students began the 2018-2019 school year on Monday, Aug. 13. While there was plenty of enthusiasm all around CMSD, the first day of school can also be a little bit scary and sad. One moment really stuck out at the new William Rainey Harper, where the staff welcomed students with a red carpet entrance into their building. The joy it brought students, families, and staff was contagious – District CEO Eric Gordon was there to greet students, and even he danced a little down the red carpet. Many students strutted their stuff with confidence, but some had those first day jitters. CEO Gordon noticed a young student with tears in his eyes, hesitant to step on the red carpet, and Gordon asked why he was sad. The boy explained that his Dad couldn’t find a parking spot, and he wouldn’t be able to walk him down the red carpet. Gordon sprang into action, ran to the car and made sure the father found a spot. In the meantime, the boy decided he was ready to make a solo entrance, and when I saw him a few minutes later in the cafeteria with his Dad and all of the other families, the student couldn’t stop smiling. No wonder William Rainey Harper’s school motto is “Champions of our own success!” Congrats to all of the schools across the District for a successful start to the new school year.


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