Dear Parents/Guardians:


    Welcome back to the 2015-16 school year!  We are very excited to begin a new school year.  We would like to take this time to welcome all of our new families to the Westropp community.  Each month you will be receiving a calendar and memo with that months’ school information contained in it.  Please make sure you look for it and post it for easy reference.  We want our parents to be partners in the education of “our” children.  In order to make this a productive year for our students we are asking our parents to:


    • Completely fill out the Emergency Card and inform us of any health concerns for your child.  Update the school as necessary when phone numbers change
    • Notify the school immediately of any absences or tardiness by calling the Absence Line at (216)267-5610.
    • Participate in school activities as much as possible (Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, SPO Meetings, School Programs, etc.)
    • Provide a quiet and appropriate place for children to do homework, study and read.
    • Make sure your child goes to bed on time during the school week.
    • Check for flyers and papers that are sent home every day and read them carefully.
    • Send your healthy child to school every day and on time (no later than 8:00 AM).
    • Make sure your children have the proper supplies and replenish them as needed.
    • Send your child to school in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM every day.
    • Do not allow your child to bring gum, candy, games, toys or electronic devices to school.
    • Discuss your child’s day with them when they come home each day.  Bring any concerns you may have to the classroom teacher.


    Mrs. Watson                 Mrs. Opaskar

    Principal                      Assistant Principal



    Welcome to Westropp!!