• What is an Investment School?

    Turning around CMSD's lowest performing schools is one of the primary goals of The Cleveland Plan. The Cleveland Plan requires that each year, CMSD will target the lowest 10-15 percent of these schools for immediate and dramatic action. This year, the CEO has targeted 13 schools for dramatic action. This network of Investment Schools represents not only our clearest need, but also our greatest opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our students.

    CMSD's Investment Schools must be learning communities where staff, parents, and citizens in the community work together. Investment Schools must be safe, disciplined and engaged environments where individual student's needs are directly addressed, where close student-adult relationships lead to personalized instruction, where instruction is based on student performance and where students' time on task is increased and adjusted to ensure success.

    CMSD is counting on the neighborhood community surrounding our Investment Schools to be engaged and invested. Families and citizens must play a critical role in supporting students in school and in the community with before and after school programs, mentoring, tutoring, social and emotional support and resources.