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Graduation rate reaches 72.1 percent



CMSD’s graduation rate has reached 72.1 percent, the latest in a series of record highs for the District.

This number rose slightly from the previously reported rate of 71.9 percent after a glitch was found in the reporting of data from CMSD’s SuccessTech Academy. The rate reflects the percentage of students from the Class of 2016 who graduated in four years.

Taking these gains into account, the District has increased the four-year graduation rate by 19.9 percentage points in six years. CMSD's growth ranks  as the third highest in the state during that period.

The data is collected each year by the Ohio Department of Education and released in annual Ohio School Report Cards, which are available on the Education Department website.

Increasing the District’s graduation rate is one of the goals of The Cleveland Plan, a reform plan that was signed into Ohio law and implemented in 2012.