• About Our School 

    Valley View Boys' Leadership Academy is an all-male, preK-8 school that is part of CMSD's Innovative Network of schools. We are centrally located in the Kamms Corner neighborhood on the west side of Cleveland. Our curriculum s based on leadership principles with an intentional culture of leadership development, experiential learning, structure and discipline.
    We have distinct uniforms, an effective Positive Behavior Intervention System(PBIS) and an intense focus on the academic success of our scholars. Our academic program includes small class sizes, longer school days, extended math and literacy time, differentiated instruction, schoolwide intervention, aggressive tutoring and a weekly leadership course.  
    We believe that with love, experience and high expectations, all scholars can achieve. Our vision is to increase the literacy rate, attendance rate and ultimately the graduation rate. Our long-term goal is to teach each one of our scholars the skills necessary to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.


    The world does not need supermen. It needs supernatural men; men who will learn from their youth, to let go of self, to let the power of pride raise them to new heights. Courageous men, righteous men, committed men, loving men who will rise up to lead, to serve, to inspire.
    We are Valley View Boys Leadership Academy. Our mission, our purpose, our promise is to help raise up such men. 
    The foes are formidable. But our school is mighty. We will provide the educational armor to help them rise above. To rise above with Honor. To rise above with Discipline. To rise above with Integrity. To rise above with Excellence. To rise above with Love.
    We are Valley View Boys Leadership Academy.
    In this place, young men will rise above.