Welcome to Garrett Morgan Athletics!


    I'm excited to welcome each athlete, parent/guardian, coach, and supporter to the Falcons athletic program.


    Here at Garrett Morgan High School, we encourage participation in athletics, where our student-athletes compete in 14 sports.  By offering a wide variety of programs, our students can find a place where they can apply their talents as our high school student-athletes. These programs play an essential role in teaching our young men and women to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, compete with dignity and pride, strive for excellence, persevere through adversity, and make sacrifices, while developing a commitment to teamwork and service to our school and community. 


    We compete in the Senate Athletic Conference where our Mission is to collaborate with all stakeholders in order to promote students personal development, value system, and integrity through practice, training and competition. Our Vision is to empower students to become 21st century scholar athletes/participants through the development of character, ethics intellect and leadership. 


    Our athletic administration, staff and coaches are committed to providing a challenging, supportive and caring environment where our student-athletes can reach their academic, athletic and personal potential.  We all need to work together for a common goal – to make the high school sports experience a rewarding one for everyone concerned. This includes the athletes, the coaches, the parents and the fans.  Together, let us celebrate the efforts of our players and coaches as they strive to make GMHS the best in class, sportsmanship and competitiveness.


    I thank you for supporting the GMHS athletic program and our student-athletes.  Please come and be a part of our athletic competitions this year.  I look forward to seeing you there!


    Go Falcons!

    Jennifer L. Smith

    Athletic Director