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    December 3, 2021: Our school has had a reported case of COVID-19. Any individual identified as being in close contact with the person has already been notified. Crews thoroughly clean and disinfect our building nightly, and it is safe for use. Please continue to follow all safety protocols.

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  • Principal: Michelle Perez

    Chief Secretary: Aisha Jernigan

    Admissions Director:  Melinda Franco-Englund

    Community Engagement: Aziah Kado

    Family Support: Donna Dixon

    Guidance: Cynthia Dalveren

    Phone: (216) 838-8300


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About CSSM

  • Cleveland School of Science & Medicine (CSSM) prepares students for success in postsecondary education and careers in science, medicine, and related fields through an intellectually demanding culture of innovative teaching and learning in partnership with the world-class medical institutions of Greater Cleveland.

    • CSSM offers a rigorous program of coursework through each student's four years.

    • Students in uniform begin each school day at 8:00 a.m. and finish at 3:00 p.m. to accommodate an extended school day.

    • Students take biology and chemistry in their first two years, giving them the chance to take advanced placement (AP) courses or engage in postsecondary educational opportunities at one of our local universities in their last two years.

    • Throughout a student's time at CSSM, opportunities for supplemental learning outside of the classroom are provided. Such activities include visiting world-renowned medical institutions, tours of local medical and science museums, and semester-long projects with Case Western Reserve University medical students. 

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