• Project Success

    The School will be structured around four Houses:  Thunder Dragons, Warrior Dragons, Mighty Dragons, and Extreme Dragons.  Each HR will have students from each of the house teams.  

    Teacher will be assigned to each house as “house parents” ensuring that each house has representation by teachers across the grade levels: PreK-1, 2-5, 6-8

    Project Success will promote positive reinforcement with the accumulation of points in the areas of: Attendance/Tardies, Dress Code, Participation and Engagement, Leadership and Service. 

    Project Success Mission Statement

    The Paul L. Dunbar Arts Enrichment Academy School community will work together to create and maintain a safe and caring environment that promotes teaching and learning.


    Important Beliefs and Principles

    Work   Study    Serve    Lead


    All individuals are expected to attend all classes and arrive on time with all needed materials to actively engage in tasks.

    All individuals will demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively to create an effective learning environment and community.

    Teachers will present meaningful rigorous curriculum in a captivating manner adapting teaching to scholar needs.



    All individuals will dedicate themselves to the pursuit of knowledge by actively engaging in learning at school and at home: completing all assignments, reviewing class materials, and taking  initiative of their own learning.

    All individuals will demonstrate

    o   intellectual curiosity

    o   willingness to accept and act on critical feedback

    o   openness to growth

    o   the ability to cope with challenging learning tasks and possible frustration



    All individuals in the school will treat all others with respect, concern,
    caring, and fairness.

    All individuals in the school will display good citizenship and acknowledge
    responsibility for their behavior.

    All individuals have the right and duty to model and teach the principles of respect for others and responsibility for one's actions and abide by school rules, regulations, and procedures.

    Families will be active and supportive members of the school community.



    All individuals have the right to be treated with respect, to expect fair and
    consistent treatment, and to be able to voice and have their
    opinions tested in a respectful forum.

    The faculty will establish and use behavioral consequences in an
    educational manner, helping students to appreciate the purpose of rules,
    the importance of making amends, and the taking of responsibility for
    improving their behavior.



    *All individuals refers to scholars, staff members, and families.