• The John Marshall School of Civic & Business Leadership is more than a high school—it is a community of scholars.  We act in ways that show we value our community and we practice restorative justice. The best way to do this is to respect the Community Touchstones that guide us and make John Marshall School of Civic & Business Leadership a place where all students are encouraged to create, inspire, and lead.

  • Clean up
  • Civic and Business Students took time out of their weekend to help community members rake up their leaves, clean up litter off our streets, and make it known to the surrounding community that John Marshall students care and are here to make a difference!
  • The Community Touchstones We Practice:

    1. Kindness
    We treat ourselves and others with compassion because we learn best when we feel safe, welcome, and valued.
    2. Stewardship
    We recognize that we are all guardians of our community and must actively protect and preserve those things placed in our trust.

    3. Responsibility

    We are accountable for our actions and consistently strive to meet our obligations, asking for help when we need it.

    4. Integrity

    We seek to “do the right thing” in all areas of our lives by following our moral compass.

    5. Inquiry

    We actively question the world around us instead of passively accepting things as they are.

    6. Reflection

    We take time to explore our own thoughts, make our own connections, and create our own ideas.

    7. Social Impact

    We are a community of action with the unique mission of inspiring a new generation of leaders to promote equitable and sustainable development in the greater Cleveland community.