• Max S. Hayes High School Dress Code

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    • Colors: Tops can be blue, black, white, or gray only.
    • Tops must be solid colored.
    • No insignia or logos that cannot be easily covered by a hand
    • The following styles of shirts/tops are allowed: blouses with collars, dress shirts with collars, polo shirts, turtlenecks, oxford tops, ¼ zip sweaters or sweatshirts (zipped up or with a collared shirt under it –no non-uniform colors can be visible), official Skills USA t-shirts/collared shirts, official Academies of Cleveland t-shirts/collared shirts, and official Max Hayes t-shirts/collared shirts.
    • Sweaters, sweatshirts, cardigans, and vests are only allowed if you are wearing a collared shirt under them. They must be an approved, solid color.
    • The following items are NOT allowed: hoodies and any sort of outerwear that zips or buttons all the way down (including but not limited to: coats, jackets, and sweatshirts).


    • Colors: Bottoms can be dark blue, navy, khaki, black, gray, or tan only.
    • Bottoms must be solid colored.
    • Belts are required for all bottoms with visible belt loops. Belts must be black, gray, navy, light brown, or dark brown. Belts cannot have insignias or logos on them. This is for both male and female students.
    • The following styles of bottoms are allowed: dress pants, slacks, Carhartt pants, and capris.
    • The following items are also allowed but must be knee-length (or longer): shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers.
    • The following items are NOT allowed: blue jeans, jogging pants, yoga style pants, leggings, sweatpants, and any sort of bottoms with holes/tears where skin is visible.


    • Students can wear headbands that are 1 inch in width or less. Headbands cannot have insignias or logos on them.
    • Students cannot wear scarves, hats, rags, or wraps.



    Additional dress code information can be found on page 5 of the CMSD Student Code of Conduct.






    Students K-12 are expected to adhere to the uniform dress code. 
    Pre-K students are not held to the uniform dress code, but are encouraged to comply. To learn more about the uniform policy, and limited uniform assistance call 216.838.FACE (3223).