• Keys for building effective websites

    Content is the most important - relevant, consistent and complete.
    Content has to be consistent with description of website-what shows up on google searches. Content consistent with all branding.
    Keywords also have to be consistent with your content.
    Don't have too much content on the Homepage-keep your message short and on-point-very direct. Audience can dig deeper for more information.
    Have a Call to Action. You want your audience not to have to look around to find out how to donate, volunteer or get involved.
    Clear contact information on all pages. 
    Effective images speak volumes- images have to focus on the message you are trying to convey-no other distractions.
    Design just focuses your audience on your message-reveals content in a logical order. White space can focus attention on content.
    Design for content  F layout
    Usability vs Uniqueness - your audience has "learned" how websites normally work and it is good to follow these conventions. Horizontal navigation along the top and vertical navigation along the left hand side. Audiences like to know where they are on your website, consistence is key to usability.