To differentiate today's instruction due to your present in school on Tuesday, we have created the following Activities for you to perform based on the content present during Culture Day on Tuesday. 

    1. Navigating Clever and Schoology Activity

    2. Virtual Learning Expectations and Etiquette

    - Read this 2 page article. Click Here

    - Complete the Nearpod lesson by Clicking Here. If you need the class code it is: ULAOE

    3. Social Emotional Learning

    - View This Image- Mood Meter

    - Complete this Survey: Click Here

    4. Use this Mentimeter to tell us 3 things you learned from the History/Future of Collinwood Presentation- Click Here

    Complete the application to sign up for College Credit Plus. College Credit Plus allows students to earn College Credit while still in High School and get a head start of your future. 

    Tri-C College Credit Plus Application

    When you are done with your application, email it to brandon.towns@clevelandmetroschools.org